I am Saurav Das. A microbiologist and A plant breeder in parallel universe. Interested in Microbial Ecology Studies and How Plant Genetics influences microbial colonization. Working at University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

I have worked in the field of geomicrobiology, clinical microbiology, food microbiology, and Plant-Microbe Interaction (PMI).

I am fascinated about, how there is a diverse microbial world actively associated with plants and human metabolisms. Scientific studies have comprehensively shown, how  gut microflora can control different metabolic cycles of human and even can control the moods through vagus nerve system. They can even modulate the immune system of the body. Like wise, the endophytic or rhizospheric microorganisms has a huge role in the development of plants in diverse agro-climatic conditions.

Along with the microbes and plants, I have started developing interests in Data Science and how modern programming languages like python and R has totally changed visualization of data and made much more interactive and dynamic compared to earlier. Though, I have just started my journey of data science, still a rookie.

This blog is all about, what I am trying to learn in the Data Science. I hope this will be helpful to you. I will be appreciated if you share your thoughts and suggestion through commenting.

Thank you.

Some of our research work, you can find here:


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