Day 1 of 100days of code: Bar plot

#Blog post Feb 11,2019 #Day 1 of 100 ; 100 days code challenge #I will try to plot some bar plots using dplyr and ggplot package and gapminder dataset #installing the gapminder package for the gapminder dataset install.packages(“gapminder”) #loading the library and data library(ggplot2) #as I already have installed the packageslibrary(dplyr)library(gapminder)data(“gapminder”) #to view the headings…… Continue reading Day 1 of 100days of code: Bar plot

Mountain Kanchenjunga and Kanchenjunga Demon

The white clips of Mountain Kanchenjunga (Photo Copyright@SauravDas) Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain of the world, lying in between Nepal and Sikkim (India). The clips are surrounded with mythical stories. The valley of Kanchenjunga once said to be home to a mountain deity, called Dzo-nga (Kanchenjunga Demon). He is a yeti or big footed snowman.…… Continue reading Mountain Kanchenjunga and Kanchenjunga Demon

Correlation Using ggcorrplot

#The hypothetical data frame, #Lets say, >A <- c(2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 5, 7,8) >B <- c(4,5,6,2,9,13,2, 6) >C <- c(3,5,7,2,4,8,3,6) >D <- c(4,6,2,5,7,4,6,9) DD <- data.frame(A,B,C, D) #correlation with package ggcorrplot – installing the package and importing the library install.packages(“ggcorrplot”)library(“ggcorrplot”) #doing the correlation test using pearson method and assigning the results to variable…… Continue reading Correlation Using ggcorrplot